Adir Jan started to build up his first professional project Adirjam together with Dave Sills and Conny Kreuter. The trio soon began giving concerts, and were enthusiastically acclaimed in Berlin and beyond. In 2016 the singer-songwriter decided to continue as a solo artist with band.

From the get-go, collaboration with other musicians was writ large on Adir Jan’s agenda – to date, with Hogir Göregen (percussion), Christos Drouzas (ebass), Can Tüfekçioğlu (drums), Hasan Al Nour (kanoun), Bilal Hammour (e-bass), Halid Pestil (e-bass), Luca Marini (drums), Ceyhun Kaya (clarinet), Mahir Kartal (wing instruments) and Hasret Tiraz (tembûr).

This commitment to excellence and musical diversity is reflected in Adir Jan’s broad-ranging repertoire of original arrangements.

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