Best defined as Cosmopolitan KurdesqueAdir Jan is
a melting pot of Mid-Easterranean sounds and rhythms,
progressively combined with traditional, progressive pop,
rock and psychedelic harmonies. Songs in Zaza, Kurmanjî,
Turkish and other languages intensify Adir Jan’s sweet
but spicy voice and compositions.

Singer-songwriter Adir Jan’s lyrics revolve mostly around gay love
and passion, pleasure and pain, but also highlight social issues,
such as war, homophobia and racism. His message is clear:
universal love!

Adirjam has ranked in the “Top 20 Indie Artists in Middle
Eastern Music” since December 2014. Covered on VICE.com
as “The new faces of Kurdish art rock”, Adir Jan plays at
Berlin hotspots all over town, from Südblock to the legendary
concert hall Huxley’s Neue Welt, from university campus gigs
to open-air summer festivals such as the Fusion Festival.

Since 2019 his first album "Leyla" is published by Trikont and Bgst Records and made its way quickly into the Transglobal World Music Charts.

„ A breath taking debut! Bard culture meets rock music and the complex beauty of Kurdish dance rhythms. Songs that have to be sung. Medicin against toxic masculinity. This is poetical and political music at the same time which has the power to meet a huge audience.” – Deutschlandfunk Kultur

"Adir Jan’s „Leyla", published by the Trikont label in Munich, is definetely one of the most important world music albums of the year.“ - Bayerischer Rundfunk

“The singer’s voice is vibrating between love and pain. And then the band takes off, floating and grooving through a space of resonance where everything becomes possible, even cosmic sex.“ - Süddeutsche Zeitung

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